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K of C Ladies Auxiliary Gift Items

Come check out the newest and latest items that the K o fC Ladies Auxiliary will have for sale!

Confirmation is Nov. 18th and we have gifts for that Confirmation candidate in your life. Christmas is right around the corner as well.

To purchase an item, please contact Linda Grissum at 660-537-1901 or the parish office at 660-882-6468.

Swimming Pool

The Knights of Columbus Council 1061 has voted to not open the pool in 2020. There are three primary reasons for this. 

  1. First, manpower for the maintenance, upkeep, cleaning, and repairs of the pool have been a growing issue the past several summers. There are many, many hours that go into managing all aspects of the operation, from maintenance to memberships to scheduling, etc. The council is not able to secure enough help to keep things working. 
  2. Second, the pool is most likely 20 years past its life expectancy.  As a result, the council has been incurring significant repair costs. The council has subsidized its operation as a way to be of service to families. However, to continue to do so means the council cannot meet its first and most important pillar: charity.  The projected cost to open the pool for the upcoming season is $12,000 to upward of $50,000. The council would have to cut back on the support of youth and our church.  
  3. Third, the bowl-shaped design of the pool does not meet today’s safety standards. Of course, this increases insurance and liability costs, but more importantly, the Knights do not want to see a child injured.  We realize that this decision by the council is disappointing to those who used the pool. But by not operating the pool, the council will be able to direct more of its resources towards its charitable causes.