Explore Formed.Org

Formed is an online program run by the Augustine Institute that has many educational, spiritual, and informational tools to help each of us come to understand more about our faith and come to a deeper relationship with God and His people.

The parish pays a yearly fee for this access.  This fee will be a small price to pay if the program is used well.

Some of the sacramental preparation programs we do will use these programs as a supplement or as the main tool.  I have found materials from the Augustine Institute to be solid and accurate.  There are books, audio, movies, and such — appropriate for all ages.

  • Go to the register section of
  • Enter the parish code MR7FGW and your email address.
  • Fill in the other information.
  • A verification email will be sent by Formed to your email address.
  • Verify it and you are good to go.

It is that easy!  The parish does get a report on how many use it.  I know, as pastor, that educational opportunities are important and hard to schedule.  Now, they are as accessible, convenient, and as close as your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  No excuses now.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity!