Altar Linen

Altar Linen


This invisible, yet essential ministry is responsible for cleaning and pressing the altar linens and purificators that are used each week during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Because the manner in which we treat sacred things (even those of less significance than the chalice, paten, liturgical furnishings, etc) fosters and expresses our openness to the graces God gives to His Church in every celebration of the Eucharist, guidelines are provided in order to ensure that the altar cloths are prepared with appropriate care and respect.  Thus, by the diligent care of the altar linens, the Church expresses her joy at the inestimable gifts she receives form Christ’s altar.

This ministry is time-flexible and performed at home.

Altar Linen Laundry Directions

Altar Linen Schedule

  • January:  Jeanne Pascale
  • February:  Mary Ellen Kosky
  • March:  Jill Campbell
  • April:  Mary Klenklen
  • May:  Nancy Wallace
  • June:  Shelly Chrisman
  • July:  Donna King
  • August:  Eileen Fangman
  • September:  Carla Brengarth
  • October:  Judy Lammers
  • November:  Diane Brimer
  • December:  Marilyn Vanderfeltz